Who were the parents of Lord Krishna and how was he born?

The Story of Krishna’s Parents

A long time ago, there was a King named Ugrasen, who had two children – a son named Kansa and a daughter named Devaki. Devaki was a gentle person, but Kansa was evil. When he grew up, he put his father in jail and took over the king’s throne, while his sister got married to King Vasudev.

One fine day, Kansa heard a warning from the skies (Akash Vani) – “The eighth son of your sister will one day grow up to kill you.” This shook the evil Kansa to the core, and he wanted to kill his sister., But Vasudev begged for her life and agreed to let Kansa kill their eighth child. Kansa imprisoned his own sister and her husband. The eighth child of the couple was Lord Krishna, who survived all the attempts Kansa made to kill him, and eventually vanquished his evil Uncle.

Moral – If you are evil and have evil intentions, you will be punished for your sins. Always be positive and think of doing good deeds to others.

The Birth of Lord Krishna

Devaki and Vasudev were imprisoned by her brother Kansa. Every time she would give birth to a child, Kansa would himself come and kill the baby with his bare hands. Devaki miscarried her seventh son, but he was mystically transferred to the womb of Queen Rohini in Vrindavan, who came to the world as Krishna’s brother – Balarama.

Their eighth child came to the world at midnight and was born in jail. This was Lord Krishna and that special day is celebrated as Janmashtami.

Moral – If something good is to happen, it always will. Goodwill always prevails over evil.


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