Who is superior between Devas and Daanavas?

Hinduism is one of the oldest and most pious religions in the world. Today I am going to tell you about the Hindu Gods.

According to the religious books known as Vedas, there are three main Gods in Hindu religion who are known as the ‘Tri-Devas’. Tri-Devas are Lord Bramha (the God who originated each and every living being in the world), Lord Vishnu (who looks after everyone) and Lord Shiva (the God of destruction). Tri-Devas are commonly known as Bramha, Vishnu, Mahesh.

Once upon a time, Maharishi Narada (son of Lord Bramha) came to Bramhaloka. Lord Bramha was absorbed in meditation. Maharishi Narada chanted Narayana Narayana and due to this Lord Bramha opened his eyes. He asked Narada “Son what brought you here?” Maharishi Narada smiled and said, “Father I have a question in my mind if you allow me should I ask?” Lord Bramha smiled and said “son ask me whatever you want. I know that without asking and getting a reply from me you will not go”.

Maharishi Narada asked him, “Father both Devas and Danavas are your creation but Devas live in Dev Loka (Heaven) whereas Danavas live in Hell (Pataal Loka). I just wanted to know that how do you decide that who is superior amongst them and why Devas live in heaven which is the best place and Danavas in Pataal Loka?”

Lord Bramha smiled and said, “I don’t decide anything. They are getting what they deserve. Leave this aside, let’s arrange a fest for both of them. You go and invite them to Bramhaloka”.

Maharishi Narada was surprised that instead of answering his question Lord Bramha was arranging a fest. He quietly obeyed his father and went to invite Devas and Danavas. Both were happy to know about the fest and both said that we will come.

Daanavas came first and requested Lord Bramha to start the fest. According to them, they were elders than the Devas so they will not wait for them any longer. Lord Bramha agreed and said that before beginning the fest there is a condition that a stick will be tied in both the hands of each and every Daanavas. Daanavas agreed and sticks were tied in both their hands. They were unable to bend their hands. They tried and tried again but were unable to eat. Then they tried to eat like animals but all in vain.

Maharishi Narada was noticing all this very carefully.

Now Devas arrived and the same condition was stated before them and like Daanavas they also agreed to it. After tieing the sticks to their hands they sat in front of each other and started feeding each other. When Daanavas saw this they were frustrated that why this idea didn’t come into their minds.

Now Lord Bramha asked Maharishi Narada “Son have you got your answer that why Devas live in heaven and Daanavas in Pataal Loka?” Maharishi Narada said, “yes father, now everything is clear. Devas think about others and Daanavas think just about themselves before anyone else. I am satisfied with the answer please allow me to leave.”

Saying this Maharishi Narada disappeared after paying due regards to his father Lord Brahma, chanting Narayana Narayana.


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