How did Vasudev saved Krishna’s life?

Krishna was born in the form of Vishnu, and his parents prayed that he would turn into an ordinary baby so they could hide him from Kansa. The Lord advised his father to take him to Vrindavan and exchange him with a new-born baby girl. Then, magically, the guards at the prison fell into a slumber and all the locks and chains opened by themselves.

Vasudev took little Krishna and left for Vrindavan. When he came across the Yamuna River, it was flooded. As Vasudev still attempted to cross the river, carrying little Krishna over his head, the waters receded almost mystically, as soon as they touched Krishna’s toe, allowing him to carry on his journey.

He then reached Yashoda’s house, exchanged the babies and returned to the prison with the baby girl. Devaki and Vasudev hoped that Kansa would spare the girl as the prophecy had predicted a boy would kill Kansa, but he did not care.

He snatched the baby from their hands and hit her against a stone to kill her. But the girl transformed into Goddess Durga and told Kansa that Krishna was alive and would punish him for his bad deeds.

Moral – Sometimes, there are forces beyond one’s control. If you only have evil intentions, you will never succeed.


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