A Collection of 7 stories of Lord Krishna

Lord Krishna and Arishthasura

One day, a massive bull came to Vrindavan and started attacking the people. Nobody knew where it came from, and everyone started running helter-skelter to save their lives. They then came to Krishna to ask for his help.

When Krishna came face to face with the bull, he realized it was actually a demon! But Krishna being powerful, managed to tackle the bull and pierce his horns! When the fight ended, the demon left the bull’s body and bowed before the Lord. He told him he was a disciple of Lord Brihaspati and was cursed to become a demon bull because he did not respect his teacher.

Moral – Never disobey your elders and teachers

Krishna and Keshi

After Krishna defeated the demon bull Arishtasura, a sage called Narada went to Kansa and told him that Krishna was the eighth born of Vasudev and Devaki, and was fated to end his life. This angered Kansa so much that he summoned the long-haired horse Keshi to kill Krishna.

The horse demon went and scared the people of Vrindavan, hoping to kill Krishna. But Krishna was not scared! He challenged Keshi to a fight, and knocked out all his teeth with his elbow! Krishna then choked the demon horse to his death and was given a new name after that- Keshava, the one who killed Keshi.

Moral – Do not be scared and stand up for yourself.

Lord Krishna and Lord Brahma

Lord Brahma decided to play a prank on Krishna once. He told all Krishna’s friends to take the cows and hide inside a cave. When Krishna was not able to find anyone, he took all their avatars and returned to Vrindavan. Flummoxed and confused, Lord Brahma came to Vrindavan to see Krishna as everyone, and realised he should not have tested him!

Moral – You should always help your friends.

Lord Krishna and the Hill

Lord Indra is the God of rain, and that’s why everyone prayed to him for a timely monsoon. But one year, Lord Krishna suggested that the villagers should rather worship the Govardhan hill. This made Lord Indra very angry, so he raised a storm over Vrindavan.

Krishna, however, protected his people by lifting the whole mountain of Govardhan hill on a single finger! This made Lord Indra realize his mistake, and he apologized to Krishna for the storm.

Moral – Never take rash decisions in anger, they can never be fruitful.

Krishna and Kamadhenu

One fine day, a cow called Kamadhenu approached Lord Krishna. Kamadhenu told Krishna that she had come from a place called Devaloka, which is the kingdom of heaven. She said she wanted to do Krishna’s crowning ceremony.

The cow bathed the Lord in the holy water from the heavens and even thanked him for protecting all beings. After that, Lord Indra himself appeared with Airavata, and declared that Krishna would be known as Govinda, which means Indra of the whole world!

Moral – Respect everyone- humans and animals.

Krishna and Aghasura

One day when Krishna was playing with his friends, they reached a cave in a mountain. What they did not know was that the cave was the home of the witch Putana’s brother, demon Aghasura. Aghasura took the form of a giant snake to kill Krishna and his friends. They did not realise that Aghasura opened his mouth as wide as the cave’s opening so that they would walk right in and he would eat them.

Krishna realized something was wrong and decided to enter the cave himself. All the demons became happy while the Gods became upset, thinking Krishna had met his end. But the demigods pleaded to Krishna, who then understood what was happening. He grew larger and larger in size until he choked the snake demon to death. He was just, as he then gave liberation to the demon’s soul.

Moral – Always listen when someone gives you good advice.

Krishna kills Kansa

When Krishna defeated all the demons and witches sent by him, Kansa got anxious. He sent his servant Akrura to bring Krishna and his brother Balarama back to Mathura. He plotted to challenge the boys to a wrestling match with two of his strongest wrestlers. Krishna and Balarama accepted the challenge, and easily defeated their opponents and killed them.

Kansa lost his temper and ordered his soldiers to banish the boys and kill Vasudev and Ugrasena too. Hearing this, Krishna jumped into the stands, knocked Kansa’s crown off and dragged him by his hair to the wrestling ring. Desperate to prove he’s a better fighter, Kansa accepted the offer to fight Krishna. Krishna however, killed him with one nifty blow! Kansa’s eight brothers attacked them, but Balarama single-handedly killed them all with his club. Krishna was then united with his birth parents, Devaki and Vasudev.

Moral – Truth and goodness shall always prevail.


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