A Collection of 5 stories related to Lord Krishna

Krishna and the Witch Putana

Krishna’s uncle Kansa was desperate to kill him, so he told a witch called Putana to go ahead with the task. The witch dressed up as a beautiful woman and flew to Krishna’s nursery.

She had smeared poison on her nipples and offered to feed Krishna some milk. Krishna’s mother did not know her real intentions, and she allowed Putana to feed him. But Krishna closed his eyes and sucked the life out of her, killing her. The poison did nothing to him, but since she had done a good gesture by offering her milk to Krishna, her soul was freed.

Moral – Never hurt anyone intentionally, as you will end up paying for it.

Lord Krishna’s love for butter

Lord Krishna loved eating butter. Everyone in the town of Vrindavan was aware of his mischief and attempts to steal butter, that’s why he was called ‘Maakhan Chor’. Krishna’s mother Yashoda would tie the butter high above the ground to hide it from Krishna!

Once, when Yashoda was not around, Krishna called his friends. They climbed one on top of the other, and he managed to reach the pot of butter! They all brought it down and relished it immensely! But unfortunately for them, they did not realize that Yashoda had come back! All his friends ran back to their houses, but Krishna got reprimanded for being naughty.

Moral – Always listen to your elders and never steal.

Lord Krishna and Yashoda

Lord Krishna was a mischievous child, and his mother Yashoda was tired of it! One day, she decided to tie him up to stop his antics. Yashoda brought a rope to tie him, but realised it was too small. She then brought a bigger one, but that one turned out to be small too! She got a third one, but that also fell short! That’s when she realised there was something miraculous about her son. But after that, Lord Krishna allowed his mother to tie him up, just so that she could become happy!

Moral – Believe in miracles, they can happen. Always do things to make your parents happy.

Krishna eats mud

One day, Krishna and his elder brother Balarama were collecting fruits and berries in the garden. Since Krishna was still a toddler, he couldn’t reach the trees, so he picked up mud from the ground and stuffed it into his mouth. The other children saw what he did and complained to his mother. Yashoda ran to him and asked him whether he had eaten mud. He shook his head as if to say no! Yashoda asked Krishna to open his mouth, but he was so scared, he refused! But when his mother gave him a stern look, he opened his mouth.

When Yashoda looked inside, instead of mud she saw the whole universe inside his mouth! Stars, skies, mountains, oceans- everything! She was dumbstruck, and all Krishna gave her was one sheepish smile! That’s when she realised that he was no ordinary child, but the Lord himself!

Moral – Always listen to your mother and never lie.

Krishna and Kaliya

One day when Krishna and his friends were playing by the banks of the river Yamuna, their ball fell into the river where the hundred-and-ten headed serpent Kaliya ruled and lived with his family.

Krishna dived in to retrieve the ball, but Kaliya started poisoning the water with his venom. Krishna encountered him and asked him to stop poisoning the water, but Kaliya refused. That’s when Krishna fought and defeated the large serpent by dancing on his head. He ordered the serpent to leave the river and never return.

Moral – Peace is a better solution than war.


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